Current Lake Level (FT)

Last Updated: 2024-07-20 10:45








Compared to
Full (681 FT)

Lake Travis was formed upon construction of the Mansfield Dam in 1942 and is now the largest of 6 fresh water lakes in Central Texas formed by 6 dams on the lower Colorado River, commonly referred to as “The Highland Lakes”.  Stretching for approximately 64 miles, with a maximum width of 4.5 miles, Lake Travis is considered “full” when the water level reaches 681 FT.

Serving as a water supply reservoir, the lake supports millions of homes and businesses along the Lower Colorado River, and is arguably one of the most popular recreational reservoirs within the State of Texas. In previous years, the water level dropped to historic lows, but with the heavy spring rains in 2015, the lake is back!